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Thousands of NJ residents waiting for ANCHOR money

Mar 30, 2024

Did you get your ANCHOR tax rebate check yet?

Darryl Isherwood, the director of communications for the New Jersey Department of the Treasury, said more than 1.5 million Affordable NJ Communities for Homeowners and Renters (ANCHOR) snail-mail and direct deposit checks have already been issued, but other applicants are still being worked on.

"We’ve got roughly 30,000 checks or direct deposits that we’re working through, which is under 2% of the total applicant pool,” Isherwood said.

“Pretty much all of those 30,000 are applications that were submitted with missing or conflicting information,” Isherwood said.

The problem isn't about applications waiting to be read and reviewed.

“This is not just stragglers we haven’t gotten to yet. These are applications with some information we need to check out,” Isherwood said.

He noted in some cases fraud may be suspected.

“So, we’ve got to go through these to make sure everybody is eligible. We worked really hard over the year as many people were able to apply as we could,” Isherwood said.

“We’re working through those basically as we speak. There’s significant resources that we’re putting in place to ensure every eligible taxpayer receives the benefit,” Isherwood said.

Isherwood said most homeowners qualified to get a rebate check of $1,500 while close to a million renters were eligible to receive a check for $450 through the ANCHOR program.

Isherwood said if people haven’t received their ANCHOR money yet they can check their application status.

"In a lot of cases, I think people have and understand that we’re working through it,” Isherwood said.

To get an update on your ANCHOR application you can click here or call the ANCHOR hotline at 888-238-1233.

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